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Out of the Blue - Concert/Quick March

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

"Out of the Blue", by Hubert Bath, was used for the BBC ‘Sports Report' radio programme from 1948. This wonderfully crafted march is instantly recognisable and has stood the test of time. Edited by Geoff Kingston, this is now available for Concert Band. Below are the lyrics to the marches ‘Trio', which are carried within the original drum part.


The sky boy's a fly boy,
A pilot of the air,
Simply does not care,
Always does his share.
He's fit, full of grit,
When he zooms up to the stars:
Like Atkins and Jack Tars,
When he meets the great god Mars.
A spry boy's the sky boy,
He always take the odds.
Takes them all with nods.
Leaves luck to the Gods.
A real lad, a steel lad,
A true boy, A blue boy:
The Lion cubs of the R.A.F.

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