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1. How long will my order take?

Your order will normally be dispatched within 2-5 working days. Our target is to dispatch orders the next working day.

2. Do you charge extra for postage & packaging.

We dispatch orders worldwide free of charge!

Orders within the United Kingdom are dispatched by First Class Post or Courier (for larger orders)

Overseas orders are dispatched by Air Mail

You will be notified when your order has been dispatched.  We have no control over the time taken for your order to be processed by mailing services either locally or internationally. We cannot track orders shipped by First Class Post or Air Mail.

3. What does the Band Grading mean?

We have adopted the American Band Grading system throughout the site. (Grades 1 to 6). The following is an approximate guide:

• Grades 1-2 (Easy)

• Grades 3-4 (Easy - Medium)

• Grades 5-6 (Medium - Advanced)

4. Can I photocopy extra parts/extra scores?

We do not generally give permission for you to photocopy extra parts although we do allow a certain number of part to be copied to make up band shortfalls. There however must be used solely by the band and not given to third parties. Extra parts and scores can be ordered. Parts cost approximately £0.25 each and scores approximately £5.00.

5. Can I write out additional parts or adapt/re-arrange a work in any way?

In order to protect the livelihood of composers and arrangers, we will require confirmation in writing of any proposed alterations, adaptations or extensions. Consent can sometimes be given without charge although this must be agreed in writing. SafeMusic Limited will adapt scores for your specific requirements.

6. Do you supply PDF scores & parts?

If requested, we will email certain scores & full set of instrumental parts in PDF format upon receipt of payment; the supply of which will be in lieu of posted printed copies. If printed copies are subsequently required, there will be an additional charge for postage. Score that have restricted copyright conditions cannot be emailed printed to PDF

7. What parts do we supply with each order?

Because we do not charge postage the number of parts supplied is limited to the following. Additional instrumental parts can be purchased separately at £0.25 each. Additional scores will cost £5.00. We will, by arrangement, supply additional parts for instruments not listed. There may be a small additional charge. SafeMusic reserved the right to alter the number of parts supplied according to individual settings.

We now supply additional Eb Horn, Bb (Treble Clef) Tenor Trombones. Bb (Treble Clef) Euphonium and Eb/Bb (Treble Clef) Bass parts for the majority of our Concert Band Scores.

 Piccolo  1
 Flute  2
 Oboe (If single parts then 1 part per player will be provided) 1
 Cor Anglais  1
 Eb Clarinet  1
 1st Bb Clarinet  3
 2nd Bb Clarinet  3
 3rd Bb Clarinet  3
 Eb Alto Clarinet  1
 Bb Bass Clarinet  1
 Bb Contrabass Clarinet  1
 Eb Alto Saxophone  2
 Bb Tenor Saxophone  1
 Eb Baritone Saxophone  1
 Bassoon (If single parts then 1 part per player will be provided)  2
 1st & 2nd Horns in F  2
 3rd & 4th Horns in F  2
 1st Bb Trumpet/Cornet  2
 2nd Bb Trumpet/Cornet  2
 3rd Bb Trumpet/Cornet  1
 1st Tenor Trombone  1
 2nd Tenor Trombone  1
 Bass Trombone  1
 Euphonium  2
 Bb Euphonium  2
 Tuba  2
 Percussion (Individual parts as scored)  
 Eb Soprano Cornet  1
 Solo Bb Cornets  4
 Repiano Bb Cornet  1
 2nd B Cornet  2
 3rd Bb Cornet  2
 Flugelhorn  1
 Solo Eb Horn  1
 1st Eb Horn  1
 2nd Eb Horn  1
 1st Bb Baritone  1
 2nd Bb Baritone  1
 1st Bb Tenor Trombone  1
 2nd Bb Tenor Trombone  1
 Bass Trombone  1
 Bb Euphonium  2
 Eb Bass  2
 BB Bass  2
 Timpani  1
 Percussion (Individual parts as scored)  
 1st Bb Trumpet  1
 2nd Bb Trumpet  1
 Horn in F  1
 Horn in Eb  1
 Tenor Trombone  1
 Bb Tenor Trombone  1
 Tuba  1
 Eb Tuba  1
 Bb Tuba  1

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