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Going Forth

Going Forth
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About This Work

“Going Forth” is a transcription for Brass Band by Brian Daniels from the organ work of the same name. The principal subject is based loosely on Orlando Gibbons' 'Song 34' (from Hymns and Songs of the Church 1623), which is used in the hymn 'Forth in thy name O Lord I go'; hence the title. 

This is a robust concert march in eclectic ceremonial style making an ideal opener for a festival concert or other occasions. It is intended to provide an alternative march form and texture as distinct from the customary 'on the march' styles. The inner 'trio' (so called) section is modelled on the characteristic warmth associated with forms exemplified by Coates and Walford Davies etc. It reappears in the home key at the end in deference to classical form.

ComposerBrian Daniels
ArrangerBrian Daniels
CategoryBrass Band
DurationCirca 5 mins
DifficultyThis piece has difficulty rating of 3.5 on a scale one through 6, with 6 being the hardest. Click here to see how we grade our band sets.
InstrumentationSolo Eb Horn
2nd Bb Cornet
3rd Bb Cornet
1st Bb Tenor Trombone
2nd Bb Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
Bb Euphonium
Side Drum
Bass Drum
Eb Soprano Cornet
Solo Bb Cornets
Repiano Bb Cornet
1st Eb Horn
2nd Eb Horn
1st Bb Baritone
2nd Bb Baritone
Eb Bass
Bb Bass
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Product Code: SM0292

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